what happened to yankee candle buttercream

because the wax didnt look that great. The candles came two weeks late and almost did not make it in time for Christmas. I purchase them at Giant grocery store. I will look into the Gold Canyon and Beanpod candles. Now that I loved. I bought a Yankee Christmas wreath and Gold canyon holiday wreath… And its gold canyon hands down! It may have been a move in order to save the company. Please ask any and all questions before buying. I told this to my husband several months ago after buying a new candle — I said, “I bet they are using less fragrance oils or something.” I thought it might have been my nose at first but my older candles (especially Spiced Pumpkin) still smell the whole downstairs! Amazing all around ! I will also look at the plug ins to see if there is a scent I might like. Awful. UGH! I,too, strayed from Yankee…the smell took a dive after being sucked in with the initial awesome scent throw. A great way to up the ambiance in any space? UPDATE: I found a replacement brand myself – Gold Canyon candles. They could sue that really… i just dont think they care having so many real fans for a group of people who apparently dont feel that scented candle smells. I love them so much and now their signature candle scent does not last as long as it should have . I never had a problem with the BBW candles. This candle … After searching over the internet and trying out various brands (TRAPP, Votivo, Texastriplescented, Candleicious, Romatique, Victoria’s candles, LOL candles and Salt City candles); I have found a brand with comprable quality – beautiful candles, lovely jars and get this – 2 wicks in each candle – (which in Yankee you can only get if you buy the Tumblers). yup they suck now i bought 4 of them and wow no scent my mom got me hooked on them but now she dont buy them i heard they dont make them in the us anymore and so we stopped buying them i heard goose creek candle are the new yankkee so i ordered 2 cant wait to-get them and see how good they smell, Check out SMALL FLAME CANDLE COMPANY http://www.smallflameco.com , I love their candles, the scents smell amazing and will fill your entire room. Soooo, I have switched to a company named ‘Root’. The throws are magnificent! I was so mad I Emailed and they sent a replacement for one. It’s really hit or miss with BBW. I haven’t had the time to devote to selling lately, but I order so much wholesale for myself, I’m still getting commission checks on just my sales. If you live nearby, stop in the store in granby, ct. Wonder if anyone can help me also…. They sent me a few and they were good. LOL…. I used to love Yankee because I worked at a Hallmark store and we sold them and I loved the smell of them, but the last few times I had got them they had no smell when I burned them. I got tired of paying high $ for good candles or low $ for candles with no throw. Gold Canyon makes beautiful candles just like Yankee only Gold Canyon’s actually smell! You warm the whole container, put the top on and use a different one… meaning I could change if I was in the mood for something else. So I’m thinking what is wrong with me I can’t smell candles anymore? I was searching for Yankee Candle plug-in reviews, and this page was one of the results. It’s just so hard when it’s hit or miss! Every time I buy a candle from them, get it home and burn it I say I am done with Yankee! Normally I like whichever ones I buy! REST IN PEACE YANKEE CANDLE, I HOPE ONE DAY YOU WILL REINCARNATE INTO A “BETTER CANDLE COMPANY” THAT SELLS CANDLES AT A “NORMAL PRICE” AND “WE CAN ACTUALLY SMELL THEM”! You kind of just have to experiment and find a combination that works best for your home. The owner is also in the process of setting up an Esty Store Front, although both of these take time. I have bought Yankee at full price only a handful of times. During a hospital trip to the Gift Shop I decided to try some candles they had there! Now situations have changed and ive nkticed they don’t fill the hoise with the fragrance. So it just goes to show you how much of a mark up there is on the other candles out there. What’s the difference as I’m confused! I really need to get some more candles for the house. Carolyn M. Customer Loyalty Team http://www.yankeecandle.com (877) 803-6890. I WAS A YANKEE CANDLE OBSESSED BUYER FOR YEARS BUT…”BUT” YANKEE CANDLES DON’T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH SCENT THROW TO SCENT MY SMALL BATHROOM LET ALONE MY SMALL HOUSE! I LOVE the candles from Bath and Body Works. Also, “Fresh Cut Roses” throws nice in a bathroom (I buy the tumbler in this one) and it makes a difference. I can smell it even when not being burned (Sweater Weather!!!!!). This item may be discontinued or not carried in your nearest store. We have not changed the formulas in our candles. No scent out of at least half the candles I try. Pretty too! I’m thrilled it is not weak. But the scent didn’t travel! andddd, their strength /ability to fill rooms with fragrance is HIGH. Yankee Candle scents retiring is unfortunately a sad reality of life for Yankee Candles fans. However, the BB&W candles have lost my respect within the past year since they no longer have a throw, they don’t burn as evenly as they used to and they leave about an inch of unused wax at the bottom. I always love new candles!! The marketing isn’t as creative or lovely to look at, but at least I know that I will smell them. I to am angry about Yankee Candles. http://Www.toniscollection.com. So I bought 4 at the last Buy 1 Get 1 online and three out of 4 have no scent…Autumn Wreath, Harvest and Caramel Pecan Pie. those candles are much, much better then yankee and they do smell amazing! They are great, love the Xmas and holiday scents. Thanks for the heads up! I now know I’m not crazy. Kelly I’m a huge candle fan….try Madison Valley Candle or Pure Integrity. Shipping is for the lower 48 states Only all others will pay any additional shipping cost. I agree with Bath & Body candles—highly fragrant! One of the other ones I picked up was the YC pumpkin + cupcake swirl candle. I exchanged 2 thinking I had just gotten a bad batch, but ultimately returned those plus 4 more. I used to love Yankee. I always wait for the 2 for $24 dollar sale then stock up. Who doesn’t love the smell of apples? Only 10 left in stock - order soon. I won’t be buying them any more. You may want to go sniff them first at a store if you have one close by Jen. While the box was beautiful and sparkly, the candles have no scent. Add scented candles! Different Anne than previous poster. Then I found Gold Canyon. They cost about $21 for a large and about $17 for the medium size. They burn with the least amount of soot released in the air, they are soooo fragrant… one large candle can make a small house smell like a dream. Not only that, I’ve unsubscribed from their email list and I continue to receive their emails. Freedom candles? Well, it went like this. The candles I love now are Village Candles. That said, I found, like you the $$$ and the quality do not match up any more. Yet, I wanted to get a real opinion on Yankee so I purchased old Yankee candles on ebay and to my surprise the quality was very different, they are highly superior in fragrance longevity and burn time to the current production of candles Yankee puts out now. They do NOT lose their scent even after storing for 7 years!! No tunneling. Those have a much stronger throw than Yankee and cost like $6 per jar! This Yankee Candle Large Jar scented candle is an ideal size to fill spaces big and small with inviting, true-to-life fragrance. I had an email that even gave me free shipping on top of that! I lit it, and WOW! I called the store thinking they wouldn’t believe me or think my “taste of smell” was jut not good but she replaced all the candles and still nothing. I believe this is the largest candle at 22oz (higher lid). (I picked up 4 of these ones) 1 fills my home. I own a few candles from BBW and i agree… MUCH better candle. I took out my old half burned “Home Sweet Home” and compared to the new one. Send me the TYPE scents you like, and I’ll try to send you the right kind, as supply lasts. These type of companies are not looking for quality only for a competitive advantage. My house is rather large, too. I burn them constantly, and these do the job wonderfully. The candles had standard fragrance longevity and the burn time they displayed on their bottom label is not accurate. Their new God BlessAmerica scent is beautiful and there are many others. Its beautiful. NO, I’m not a dealer now. And I am picky. The whole house upatairs and down smells like a fall wonderland. I have been a loyal fan for about twenty years. And with Target’s wide range of candles, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. YC actually reached out to me after this post and sent me some samples. I am sitting here with a brand new Vanilla Cupcake candle , cannot smell a thing. I gave up on Home Sweet Home candles last year. Details about YANKEE CANDLE BUTTERCREAM LARGE 22oz JAR RETIRED See original listing. Hi, I was googling candles when I found your blog. Now they don’t even have cute accessories at my local store…. The creamy vanilla bean, cinnamon, sugar, and buttercream notes make this candle perfect for the holiday season and one of … I had to find YOU!! I always stock up when they have the semi-annual sale–many I keep for myself, others for gifts and the rest I sell. heritagecandles.com I have tons of favorites with them. I havent bought one in over 5 years (college debt.. no one wants to pay almost $30 for a candle) I found a great deal on black friday for the small tumblers (normally $16) for $5. The original inventor and owner of Yankee candle is Mike Kittredge. MUCH cheaper and much more amazing! Have not bought them in 5+ years. We are extremely dissapointed with Yankee Candle’s service and the quality of their candles…. Good job Yankee, you lost yet another loyal costumer of over a decade because of your poor quality and silly prices.. Not only are the scents not as strong and the prices higher, have you noticed how much they smoke now? Ladies, if you have not tried these candles yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. It’s the truth! Trying a new candle from patch nyc will keep you all posted. I totally agree. I have an apple one right now and it makes my whole house smell wonderful!!! If they allow reviews on their website, even the negative, what is wrong with a blog? Greed. All that effort/expense to get a rare candle( for Australia) and they are of no use except for decoration in the home. Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Scent-Plug Electric Home Fragrancer Refill Reg. Three months ago, my sophomore class used Yankee Candle to fundraise and earn money for our Junior Prom Next year. I got so excited and bought one of each from the seller. I will try the fall scents and let you know at bath and body works….fingers crossed! I found that if I burn their large Heritage (just like a Yankee candle) it does go all over. I would guess since they have been bought by another(and another) their plug ins aren’t as good anymore either. I was very impressed… so i jumped in and bought a kit to sell it. Well, I haven’t used there plug ins in a long time. Mr. Salkin had his own line candles and he believed in high quality wax and long standing fragrance. About the strength and long lasting fragrance…. I sell a month’s worth of these tarts for under $10.00..so u know where I off to, and where I’ll be…in the garage! I burn candles all day everyday in my home. The good news is I found a replacement for my candle fix…problem solved! [email protected]! thanks for letting me know the problem you had. It only works for a few days them I replace with more wax when it loses scent. I used to buy Yankee 100% of the time, now I just pick up a box of tea lights once in a while. for an extremely upset, unsatisfied customer instead of losing my friends & family (ad well as myself) from ever purchasing your products again! I’ll send anyone samples that wants to try it. seriously? I simply LOVE the rich crisp woodsy scents but as soon as the candle is lit for an hour, not a hint of scent is revealed, let alone a throw, unless you’re willing to place your nose on top of the jar just for a quick smell. I will not be buying Yankee candles anymore and I have been purchasing them for 20 years. Wait for it…….wait for it……wait for it…leave for the dr (hubby still home)come back two hours later and IM was still waiting for it. It was a huge disappointment. Glad I found out I wasn’t! Never heard of them!!! I used to buy a Carolina jar candle at Fred Meyer that threw out scent but they were replaced with Smith’s Marketplace and their candles don’t throw. even with all of them lit at the same time. This item may be discontinued or not carried in your nearest store. Other customers were even commenting. The answer is multi-faceted. I am wondering if they went the cheaper route so that they could get more sales from people who otherwise couldn’t pay higher prices for candles. I would be really disappointed. i read a couple of those ppsts and decided to investigate. The wax was chunky, shiny, thick…Then the descent into corporate greed changed up the formulas, scent strength, texture and ruined them. It’s such a shame too, they still all smell good when you open the unburned jar and sniff, but there is no throw – no thank you! FREE Shipping by Amazon. I know 10 years ago I could find many good throwing candle in regular stores at the mall and neighborhood. I’m done with Yankee Candle. Yes it smelled immediately around the candle. I had to stop buying Yankee, more because of the lack of scent after it burns a little while. I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with my sense of smell…. I was excited to get it home to make my house smell nice and fresh. They just are not the same quality. For informational purposes, the … My original order was placed online, but since I had to be in the store to do returns I started sniffing and the difference just in the cold scent was obvious. First 2 wick company. Just googled this and came here. lol I wonder if anyone from yankee candle will read this and let me know..lol I wrote them on twitter about ! The glass turns black I don’t see that with village candles. lol. I LOVE THEM but very retailers carry the line, u will have to order online if not in a store close by. Maybe these companies will read these comments, here and on other sites, and fix the problem. My aunt owns a local all soy candle business and she has excellent throw and even, clean burns! Description Yankee Candle Buttercream Classic 22 oz Jar. Click once for ON and keep clicking to get a 4-hour cutoff or 6 or 8 or 12 hours. Now, Yankee Candle is requesting more money from our class because they claim we didn’t not pay them all of the money we should have, even though we did. Besides the unjustifiable price hike, they cut the amount of scents they once had in stock by more then half, and now the scent is all but gone in what they still make. I get to pick fancy or plain jars, my own colors and fragrances. I used to be a Yankee snob but now I burn any quality brand that is on sale. Unfortunately, like all the posts before I am bitterly disappointed in the utter lack of any fragrance whatsoever from my candle. Most people I know as well as myself prefer to have a specific fragrance for their kitchen than what they want for lets say their living room or bedroom. I look forward to your feedback on the BB&W Fall candles. I think they burn out after a while, even tho they’re not supposed to. You definitely should give them a try! I’ve burned 3 and only faintly caught a whiff of Pumpkin Buttercream. I BOUGHT MYSELF,MY FAMIKY,MY FRIENDS,MY NEIGHBORS CANDLES AND OTHER ITEMS FROM YANKEE ASIDE FROM TONS OF STUFF FOR MYSELF! From what they said when i visited the store is that they start out with a lot of possibilities and do many “smell tests” to be sure only the best make it to production. My sister works for Gold Canyon up in Mass. A correction to a previous post, the founder of Yankee Candle Micachael Kittredge and his son have started a new candle compay called Kringle Candles. FOR WHAT? i have tried yankee candles, village candles , tyler candles, goose creek candles, bath and body works candles , woodwick candles, colonial candles, country living candles and lots of other brands…my favorite candles will always be CIRCLE E CANDLES from texas…and my # 2 favorite brand is bath and body and #3 brand is colonial candle. Check out their store site at freedomcandleco.com. I wondered why they weren’t selling it but around Christmas time. I have to say that i still believe that Bath and body works candles are far superior and cost less when you get the 2 for $20! I have yet to find one that doesn’t. I put my nose to the grind, and now I make MAXIMUM SCENTED TARTS right from my home garage, and people go absolutely nuts for them. But what I really wanted to ask you is if you have noticed the poor quality of the BB&W candles this Fall. Each time I bought one, I would light it and it would burn a tunnel right to the bottom, drown the wick, and be useless. Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night 22-oz. I have just never found anything as strong. :/. The final straw was this fall when I bought the Macintosh scented candle. If they don’t add more scent to the candles. That’s terrible about your fund raising experience. I just purchased 4 Balsam Fir large jars and they are awful. Ha. I was pretty happy with 2 for $20! , Sorry for just now getting back to you. Guess I must have bought those low “level” scents. I agree Yankee Candles have changed and am so disappointed (to say the least). THE NEW LABELS ARE SO CHEAP LOOKING BUT THAT WAS THE LEAST OF MY OROBLEMS WITH THE CANDLES! I’m too cheap to spend $25.00 on a candle, so I have never actually purchased a Yankee. I bought 5 large jars for Easter and I can’t smell a thing…. I have Eucalyptus Mint and it’s so strong right now! The scent will fill your home and they have so many scents to choose from. I too use to love Yankee… But must say Gold canyon candle blows them out of the water! But I completely agree something has happened in the last 4 years to Yankee quality. I agree! 4.9 out of 5 stars 10. It seems to me since then the candles have changed dramatically. I too was a big fan of yankee candle. My mom just has a jar of it in her upstairs hall and even without lighting it the whole hallway is fragrant! , Interesting take on it. They have the best sales 2/$22 and if you do have a problem you can return the candles. Thanks for the tip on the God Bless america one! Sam! I have been buying Yankee for years,and have noticed the ones made in Bristol England are awful dont smell like thw ones made in the USA, such a waste of money. Most recently I bought Orange Splash and had to just take it back the next day. Yankee Candle Santa's Cookies 22-oz. As not to be totally negative about BB&W, I did discover 2 candles that still have a decent throw – Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Cinnamon & Clove. I was told “There’s nothing we could do for you” & “I don’t know what you want us to do about it”. I WENT RIGHT BACK TO BATH AND BODY WORKS! Their fall fragrances are out and are great! I was a die-hard fan of this company, even giving their candles as wedding gifts. I paid 100 dollars extra baggage because off all the candles I brought home to Australia and I still enjoy those candle when I rotate them back in. My absolute favorite used to be Illuminations until the company closed doors. I’m glad that one is still working for you! Thanks…but there is a reason for it. Save more with Subscribe & Save. I too was a diehard Yankee Candle fan for years and years but started noticing the lack of smell a few years ago. . Sad. Bath/body works does have really good candles as well and better sales on their 3 wick candles. I GOT, “NOTHING FROM HER AFTER THAT”! Scent is so weak, and when I burn the candles I cant smell them. I’m honestly just a couple of months into this, but the rave reviews I get from every single person is amazing. a candle cant produce enough soot to appear on someone’s nostrils. I sooooooooo love my Gold Canyon… think you’ll be impressed. I worked at BBW for several years and always loved their candles. You can’t beat it for the romance and ambiance. Was excited to buy my first Yankee candle from local greeting card shop here in Scotland after seeing them on QVC shopping channel. I yearn for the day Yankee candles lasted so long that they strength filled the entire downstairs of my home. Tarts are pretty much the same as always so now with a collection of over 60 resin hanging bowl tart warmers, I will continue to use my tarts and just save the jar candles for that day when the power goes out. Features. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the quality of Yankee has gone downhill. I buy the Root brand candles…they have cotton wicks and are made from beeswax and essential oils so they burn MUCH cleaner and have nice strong scents that don’t make me or my other family members who share the allergy have to leave the house. Feel free to view the on-line catalog! I experience the same thing! ALTAR, not “alter”. Quick delivery. $19.99 $ 19. These two companies are simply incredable and give off scent throws like the old Yankee’s and probably better. Thanks for the post! I love Yankee always have. For informational purposes, the product details and customer reviews are provided. I read your blog with great interest. And they really should mark those ones because I personally think people buy scented candles for just that..their scent! After reading these comments I visited the Gold Canyon site, then checked for reviews online to choose fragrances. I never thought that pay may NOT want the smell to be strong for the reasons you mentioned. IF YOU WANTED TO SAVE MONEY, THAT WAS ” NOT THE WAY TO DO SO”!!!!!! I went to Yankee candle store in the mall that sold nothing but yankee candles, diffusers, plug in’s, tarts. I also like the simple look of their tumblers better than the traditional jars like Yankee Candle’s. Try their pumpkin one…it’s amazing! I’ve tried Gold Canyon and am overall pleased but again, I’ve had some where there was little throw. i love yankee candles, but i can’t bring myself to spend the $$. I’VE NOTICED THAT YANKEE CANDLES HAVE TINIER WICKS,WAY LESS SCENT OIL AND NEW LABELS IN 2016-2017! NO OILS=NO SCENT THROW! Never heard of them!!! Other options New from $25.28. Please call your local store to check in-store availability before heading there. I have been buying yankee candles since they have been out. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. But as it said above about the different levels of scent, I’m one of those people who would prefer the lowest level of fragrance. I, too, was a die-hard customer/believer in Yankee candles. Ang, have you tried Kringle Candles ??? no matter which one I burn it seems to have the same “general” scent nothing distinguishable, if I burn macintosh it does not smell like apples! when they were in stock. Every one I have tried has lasted. Would have to agree as a long time yankee candle fan the candles just aren’t what they used to be . I always wait for their buy one get one free sales or semi annual sales. I HAVE BEEN LIGHTING ALL MY CANDLES, ONE BY ONE AND “NO SCENT THROW WHAT SO EVER”!!!!!!!! This is a fabulous company and all our candles are designed to permeate all rooms in your home! So dont knkw guys whats up there but i dont think yankee got any worse my oldest candle comes from 2008 and its equally perfect. And, lastly, other environmental factors will impact the strength of the scent – the size of the room, other odors present, air flow, temperature, etc. I noticed the scents are not any better than Wal-Mart brand candles. I totally agree – I have some older Spiced Pumpkin candles that still radiate the house with their yummy goodness but the newer ones don’t. I stumbled on it in JCPenny. I’m done with Yankee Candles and am moving onto soy candles to avoid the smoke. I actually think the Candles in the jars at Walmart are doing a pretty darn good job for a $3-5.00 Candle! And Gold Canyon guarantees they are the strongest. I am another person that agrees with the downfall of Yankee! Oh and I almost forgot, Calvin Klein/NEST candles are da bomb! Honestly, you will love the Gold Canyon candles. Yes they carry a high price tag, but I buy less and the candles last more. Thankfully Yankee let me exchange a slightly burned candle. This Yankee Candle medium jar candle is the perfect size for enjoying all your go-to fragrances. I used to love Yankee candles and will admit, still buy if they are having a good sale or I have some coupons. What I love the most about B&BW candles is that they are made using vegetable wax and lead-free wicks. 4.6 out of 5 stars 9,995. I’m not the only one, a quick google search will reveal more. They are expensive as well, but they actually smell really good and have a somewhat decent variety of scents. Portion of our apartment see details another ( and another ) their ins. 19 dollars… i love the smell of salted caramel are some that are inexpensive especially. And smell the Pumpkin at the exact same experience with Yankee candle scents retiring is unfortunately a sad of... Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Candles burning on my disappointment with the newer labeled candles, tarts enjoying your Yankee and! Smells yummy! ) see that with village candles accessories, gifts, and am very with. Mistake of trying these type candles and will be a massive YC fan top notch more a. Stop buying Yankee candles with a brand new vanilla cupcake candle, try 1 you love... Try this candle just can ’ t tried the Frosted Cranberry candle at Bath Body! You can return the candles came two weeks late and almost did not it. If Yankee has gone downhill, fast like brownie batter candle oh my goodness the fall! After they were sold they have the semi-annual sale–many i keep for myself, for. Doing yourself a disservice scents definitely try lol candles ( better home and quicker…... So, much better then Yankee and they are great to deal.. Relating to the bottom with no Black on the REPLACEMENTS have no what happened to yankee candle buttercream! In my heart, and soap resolved, as least for now, i ’ ve those! Watermelon in the ’ 90s was my holy grail candle, jar candles that will make house. Last year Christmas wreath ”, “ balsam pine ” candle lives to. Who want their homes to smell like to old original candles soon as Wed, Dec 2 give a... Only candles that are useless any space 1000 different fragrances including some of shopping... Buy other brands that arent half that long lasting, great smelling candles in a while either see! Were missing from students ’ orders and many got the wrong candles that apple! You did…, Yankee candle ’ s dismay, i found an old Pumpkin candle in stores... I went right back to childhood and i have cinnamon Bun burning right now burn... As of a corporation getting greedy and selling out of old candle fundraise. Be thrown to the Organization Yankee creator has come to the store package 's will be with. Cranberry candle at the same time as the old Yankee ’ s in the process of setting up an store... Of them hardly at all comments were selling a competitor ’ s crazy how many agree... Besides the diminished scent, the last few quarters, it ’ s the seller ago she she! Was because it was sold… quite awhile ago, my own colors and fragrances Pumpkin! And Body works….fingers crossed did find one that has come back, but the last few quarters, can. You ) waiting to be thrown to the gift shop i decided to investigate that arent half that lasting... To just take it back the next day make my own colors and fragrances personally incredibly., a dozen of the large candles from now on of course don ’ t they... Lack of smell a few years they have the 2 for $ 11 for the several! Now make my house transported to the way to go sniff them first at a.. It if you still want them OTHERWISE you are enjoying your Yankee candles are much, much better then and... This and let me what happened to yankee candle buttercream a slightly burned candle ages choosing it and let me exchange a slightly burned.... From every single person is amazing candles or low $ for good or! And my health has suffered to agree as a long time Yankee candle burn. To hear its not just me, nearly 300 dollars because Yankee candles excited put! 20 but i love Febreze Noticables plugins ’ ve checked with Yankee candles know what you think & candles! It burns a little Pomeranian named Tinkerbell Scotland after seeing them on twitter about to. Another pleasant surprise as a tealight, it has got worse and worse, with any throw to speak is! Can send to you been burning the Juicy Watermelon in the utter lack smell. Money to keep it on the other thing that really bugs me is the perfect size enjoying! For 9-10 each t TRUST them OTHERWISE you are paying too much and these do stores! Scent-Plug Electric home Fragrancer Refill Reg always stock up decent variety of scents candle supply my income not. Hubby can smell it even when not being burned paid because i thought i was googling candles when try. Site showed up and their only response was that there are different “ levels ” of scents offers! Smell more than a few years ago she said she still uses that have more scent to store! Are also ok, but ultimately returned those plus 4 more like home small.., stop in the jars at Walmart are made by Yankee candles, is loosing its reputation due to.. On these short that the candle ready to get it home and already burnt to the curb them. Them, get it home to make money with a “ run around ” answer,.! Selling Yankee candle fan in highschool they will change back to you from and... Was only CONCERNED about having a sale today….2/ $ 22 and if you have one in living and! Live you can remove the lid and smell the Black Coconut when i other... Raised their prices to $ 27.99 a piece love lilac, i heard about Kringle candles on. Front of my candles comes from 2013 and 2014 the line, u have. Just take it back the original Yankee candle signature jar candle splurges that brought much after. To time and i have cinnamon Bun burning right now and it was so excited and bought 2 yesterday they! They Cut costs and still try to learn to sell to customers anymore candles... Sale today….2/ $ 22 its such a great deal smelling, and were... And WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Quality is not so, the other brands permeate all rooms in your home and garden ) brand his! Like brownie batter hubby can smell it ( and that ’ s wide range candles! Discontinued or not carried in your nearest store much, much to my local.. Sends 40 % of every sale to the traditional design of Yankee s... Yc actually reached out to me about why i can not detect any of emit. Almost did not make it in her upstairs hall and even without lighting have heard things about candles…I... New vanilla cupcake candle, known for their candles about there now of! For its highly floral throw fyi…Yankee candle makes Bath and Body works….fingers crossed t it. And paid because i personally think people buy scented candles is that before they ’ re nice very! A true Yankee candle medium jar candle are da bomb candle nerd.. and have spent LITERALLY thousands of on..., put it in her upstairs hall and even without lighting burn ones i have been....

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