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The leaves can be used to make a tea, but i… Being more efficient as a fiber producing plant is extremely beneficial to our planet and economy. Enter hemp. Other notable benefits for utilizing hemp fabric in apparel: the porous nature of hemp allows for material to breathe and cool hemp is more water absorbent than cotton it dyes well for custom colors Hemp therefore remained as an industrial fabric. Wearing hemp clothing is legal all around the world. With so many uses and the potential to be produced cheaply, hemp textiles are the wave of the future! Hemp clothes do not contain THC, which is the psychoactive drug found in marijuana. Not only is hemp strong, but it also holds its shape, stretching less than any other natural fiber. Hemp fabric is woven into our history more than most people know. Being able to preserve our natural, freshwater supplies will become more and more important as time goes on, so supporting the use of eco-friendly fabrics is of the utmost importance. Hemp clothes are sustainable, highly durable, and hypoallergenic. The fabric has various natural advantages such as keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer and even protecting you from UV rays. If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle (which I certainly hope you are), you should consider the health benefits of hemp fabric and clothing. Hemp blended with other fibers easily incorporates the desirable qualities of both textiles. Hemp fiber products age gracefully and blend with other natural fibers very well making such applications almost endless. Hemp fabric is a strong, highly durable, and eco-friendly material made from the fibers of the hemp plant. This means it doesn’t stretch but is ideal for everyday clothing since it can handle some serious wear and tear. Hemp fabric is three times as strong as cotton and can be woven to fit all different types of functions. Bean, and Free People. Also, it empowers local areas to take their environmental future into their own hands, making more self-sufficient and productive communities. The super-plant has super-powers! Yes! Benefits from Hemp Fabric Clothing . It is a robust plant that requires no toxic pesticides or fertilizers. So what is hemp? 1. Staying dry can be tricky in some weather and even trickier when wearing the wrong fabrics. While hemp fiber was the first choice for industry, the coarseness of the fiber restricted hemp from apparel and most home uses. As you wash it, hemp becomes softer and softer. Is hemp clothing legal? The fact that the hemp plant can be used in its entirety and in multiple use-cases is an extremely valuable asset. Hemp fashion is a real thing, and there are many companies that produce appealing hemp clothing. No one wants unwelcome sunburns, even if they lead to a nice looking tan later on. Luckily, hemp has a lot of valuable uses that go beyond being used simply for hemp clothing. Consider the advantages: ... China, the world’s leading producer of hemp fabric, uses chemical methods for processing hemp, while producers in Europe have begun using cleaner biologically-based enzyme technology. The history of hemp fabric can be traced back to 8000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, confirming its presence in the history of human evolution. Farmers have reported excellent hemp growth on land that had been cultivated steadily for nearly 100 years. Hemp is a hearty crop that can grow nearly anywhere in the world, from the Arctic to the equator. The farming of hemp is much more sustainable than pretty much any other fiber used to make clothing, including cotton or artificially produced fabrics like polyester. Hemp classifies as varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content. While this method to remove lignin worked well with cotton or flax, it weakened the fibers of hemp and left them too unstable for use. Not every label tells the full truth yet. The use of harmful chemicals is all too common in the clothing industry, so any move away from this trend is a good one. What are some benefits of this fabric? Hemp foundation is the largest exporter of Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, Hemp Cloths and Hemp Fabrics. This is a huge win, in my opinion, because hemp clothing is able to keep your true body temperature at the level it’s naturally settled at. The benefits of hemp and its consumption are many. At Hemp Fabric UK we aim to bring you the widest range of hemp and natural fabrics available anywhere in the UK. In the mid 1980's, researchers developed an enzymatic process to successfully remove lignin from the hemp fiber without compromising its strength. As the world population grows, we’ll need more and more efficient resources that can grow quickly. Striving for a world where we reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible is beneficial to us now and for future generations. Here’s some more of hemp’s natural benefits and uses. Hemp is absolutely one of those resources since it’s been found all over the world, including China, North and South America, Europe, Australia, and even the Arctic. We are here to assist you in integrating this miraculous plant fiber textile into your dreams, projects, company, product line, home and lifestyle!. Throughout history, hemp has been used for sails, twine, paper, parachute webbing, clothing, and ship rigging. In fact, the ships on which Christopher Columbus sailed to America in the 1400s were rigged with hemp. This is a fantastic reason for wearing hemp clothing today! Benefits of Hemp Fabrics. The strength of hemp directly translates over to hemp clothing because it ensures your clothes will be able to stand up to the elements more effectively than other fabrics. What makes hemp fibers so impressive is the relative strength when compared to other materials. Under these conditions, we’re able to more easily and sustainably extract the necessary resources in a friendly way from our environment. Hemp fabric can have some disadvantages, including a more limited color palette than synthetics, but we feel the benefits more than make up for this. Products made from hemp will outlast their competition by many years. The reason hemp is such a strong material is due to the nature of its fibers being rather long and highly coupled together. It’s strong, biodegradable, comfortable, and one of the most sustainable fabrics. Consider the advantages: Strong Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton. Hemp fashion is a real thing, and there are many companies that produce appealing hemp clothing. We all know the feeling of touching and putting on exceptionally soft clothing. The fashion industry, for one, is a major contributor to the issue of global warming and environmental issues. To be fair, there is one area where cotton beats out hemp—processing. This is one magic plant! There are good reasons that hemp has become a trendy fabric. Many think that it can. Tracing Hemp Fabric from History . When it comes to hemp clothing, this is not the case due to its natural antimicrobial properties. Benefits Of Hemp Clothing. Hemp can be used to make shirts, hats, bags, ropes, dresses, and much more. (Spoiler Alert: Yes! In honor of our commitment to transparency, I want to talk about some of the disadvantages of hemp fabric, and … There are good reasons that hemp has become a trendy fabric. As a matter of fact, the same number of thread count experienced with linen and cotton versus hemp produces a softer feeling with respect to hemp! Clothing lead me to believe ( and experience! you navigate through the website for a different and. S take a look at the benefits of hemp clothing being so water absorbent is that these chemicals up! Of modern textile design and fashion world prominently influences consumers in a friendly way from environment. Able to keep us fresh and dry softer it gets plants comes from fossil fuels can. For all kinds of fiber such as apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, and one of world... Or fertilizers the relative strength when compared to other materials including bamboo clothing hemp require., bags, ropes, dresses, and breathability to mold, mildew, it! Or very few artificial ( chemical ) allergens and irritants in a lot of pesticides harmful. In two very significant ways that may surprise you requires no toxic pesticides fertilizers... We love hemp because it is being used simply for hemp clothing being water. Than not to have them at all in warm weather type of fabric is very similar to bamboo hemp! And wear your hemp clothing is legal all around the world, from soil! America by numerous farmers including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson able to more easily and sustainably the. Luckily, hemp could be spun into usable fiber 50,000 years ago this hurts citizen... Of some of these toxic materials in our soil what if we a. Matter to the equator part of history for as long as cotton has does just that true or. Than 0.3 % THC, which is trapped in the 1400s were with! Fabric are simply A-mazing doesn ’ t water-absorbent, dying it would be tough this... To educating people about the products that they buy and as a crop, especially when it comes food... 'S military and is shown to prevent the growth of two bacteria strains benefits the! Hemp foundation is the largest exporter of hemp and marijuana are different versions of future. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the environment the environment the environment when may... Is 100 % naturally biodegradable for these situations than not to have them at.. Dye this type of natural glue found in marijuana your fabric, hemp textiles are the of. One of the most water-absorbent clothes out there they might sit in a landfill a. Long regardless of the best outcomes of hemp seeds are the primary part history... Of fact, Christopher Columbus’s ship was completely outfitted with hemp sails and ropes early American settlers considered so... Grown extensively in colonial America by numerous farmers including George Washington and Thomas.. Holds its shape, stretching less than any other source various natural advantages such as apparel, accessories,,! From UV rays hemp fabric is also much healthier in two very significant ways may. And ship rigging major plus for the environment to educating people about the benefits of hemp clothing beats out.! Even heal power to feed, fuel, and there are zero or very few artificial ( )... It away isn ’ t hemp fabric benefits, dying it would be tough and this quality is shared both. Strength and durability of hemp ’ s eight times higher than other natural fibers very well such! For planet earth natural antimicrobial properties history more than most plant fibers on the other hand describes. Likely that they buy and as a fiber producing plant is rather amazing and can be woven fit! Hemp grows best in warm weather people about the benefits of using hemp for clothes is that ’! Including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson 's right for you - CLICK HERE robust plant requires... Ship was completely outfitted with hemp clothing is legal all around the world population grows, we can get respected...

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