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Please update your browser or switch to Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Sacco). 1995 Voorhees Distinguished Professor, The Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas. Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, 28, 513-520. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 33, 1134-1144. 2001 Evidence-based practice or practice-based evidence: The controversies that surround the empirically informed selection of psychological treatments or ‘Nobody has won and all their prizes are going to be taken away!’ Keynote address presented at the National Health Service Forum’s conference on Psychotherapy and Evidence-Based Practice for the NHS, London. Neubewertung der Entwicklung der Affektregulation vor dem Hintergrund von Winnicotts Konzept des ‘falschen Selbst’ [A reconsideration of the development of affect regulation against the background of Winnicott’s concept of the false self] (with M. Target). (with A. Bateman) British Journal of Psychiatry, 177, 138-143. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 20, 483-492. British Psychoanalytic Society (1985) PhD. A comparative study of maternal attachment in three groups of mothers having a child with learning impairment, 2002 Shmueli, Aviya. McGauley). Associate Editor: Attachment and Human Development (1999-present). British Psycho-Analytical Society Bulletin, 27, 31-33. In J. Sandler & P. Fonagy (Eds.) Terror and Trauma: Victims and Effects Invited paper presented at the UCL Psychoanalysis Unit conference on Terror, Trauma, Revenge and Repair: Reactions to 11th September 2001 and its aftermath, London (December). O’Toole, & E. Vernberg) Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 41(4), 475-477. A major focus of my research has been an innovative research-based dynamic therapeutic approach developed in collaboration with a number of clinical sites both in this country (the Anna Freud Centre, the Halliwick Psychotherapy Service, the Marlborough Family Service, the Brandon Centre, Islington CAMHS) and in the US (the Menninger Clinic and the Yale Child Study Center). Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press. Invited presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences conference on Scientific Approaches to Youth Violence Prevention, New York (April). with Steve Pilling and John Cape 2001-2003 £215,000 in total Grant 1983 A note on statistical inference in meta-analysis. Keynote presentation to a Workshop on the Place of Tertiary Personality Disorder Services as part of a Comprehensive Range of Provision, London (June). Dr Pasco Fearon (PI) and Professor Peter Fonagy (Co-I)) £330,721. (With S.P. 1999-2001 £15,000/ £30,000 in total Grant Invited presentation and debate with Laurence Kahn at the European Psychoanalytical Federation Annual Conference, Helsinki (April). Currently supervisor of 1 full-time and 5 part-time Ph.D. students. Predictors of the efficacy of child psychoanalysis: a retrospective study of 768 patients treated at the Anna Freud Centre. Göttingen: Hogrefe. Publications. Points of contact and divergence between psychoanalytic and attachment theories: Is psychoanalytic theory truly different? In M. G. Gelder, J. J. Lopez-Ibor & N.C. Andreasen (Eds.) Bulletin of the British Psycho-Analytical Society, 25, 37-42. Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 11 (4), 621-632. Interviewing Peter Fonagy A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to interview Peter Fonagy as part of the #LetsTalkMentalHealth series by Louise Arseneault. Is Attachment Security Inherited? Prospect, (November issue), 16-20, 1. Dixon, 1976-1980 British Psychological Society Diploma in Clinical Psychology, 1992-present Freud Memorial Professor of Psychoanalysis in the University of London, 1995-present Director of Sub-Department of Clinical Health Psychology, University College London, 2003-present Chief Executive Officer, Anna Freud Centre, London. 1990-1991 Representing the discipline of psychology, in the ESRC Working Group into Health Research. CV Uddannelse; 2018: 1-årig Innovativ Mentaliseringsbaseret Terapi. Other specialized training following academic appointment: 1981-1985 Training to Associate Membership of the British Psycho-Analytic Society (Training Analyst - Dr S.C.B. General support for the Child and Family Center* Margaret T. de Neufville Fund P.I. ), Dreaming and Thinking. 1. Mentalization focused psychotherapy: Old wine in new bottles or renewed hope for psychoanalysis. The Imaginative Body: Psychodynamic Therapy in Health Care. The Wellcome Trust Translated in Review Français de Psychanalyse, 59, 221-229; Revista Brasileira de Psicanálise, 53-66; Zeitschrift für psychoanalytische Theorie und Praxis, 10, 239-247. Archives of General Psychiatry, 40, 470-471. Psychological Treatment in Disease and Illness. Family Process, 42(2), 205-221. 1985 Personality Theory and Clinical Practice. Attachment and borderline personality disorder: A theory and some evidence. New York: Basic Books Inc. p. 62-95. Can we use observations of infant-caregiver interactions as the basis for a model of the representational world? London: Karnac Books; New York: IUP. Where cure was inconceivable. 1999 Psychoanalysis on the Move: The Work of Joseph Sandler. $175,000, Grant Invited presentation in the Confer lecture series How Does Psychotherapy Work? 1993-1996 £35,000/ £105,000 Grant Director, Child and Family Center, Menninger Foundation, Address for correspondence: A hatékonyságvizsgálatok indokoltsága a pszichoanalízisben. Invited addresses presented to the European Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry conference “Child mental health interventions: What works for whom?, Oslo, Norway. 2002-present Member of the Expert Advisory Group, Brandon Centre Randomised Control Trial of Mustisystemic Therapy for Repeat Offenders. P.I. Early intervention and prevention: the implications of secure and insecure attachment, Early intervention and prevention: the implications for government and the wider community, and The representation of attachment in severe personality disorder. This has come to be known as “mentalization based treatment” or MBT and has been the subject of a number of recent books by our team (Mentalization Based Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder: A Practical Guide – Oxford; Mentalizing in Clinical Practice- American Psychiatric Press) and collections of papers (Handbook of Mentalization Based Treatment – Wiley; Mentalization in Mental Health Practice- American Psychiatric Press), as well as increasingly others who have adopted our approach (Busch (ed) Mentalization: Theoretical considerations, research findings, and clinical implications;. Residential versus community treatment of personality disorder: A comparative study of three treatment programs (with M. Chiesa, J. Holmes & C. Drahorad) American Journal of Psychiatry. Barber, D.T. Washington: American Psychiatric Press. (With M. Target). 1997 The problem of outcome in child psychoanalysis: Contributions from the Anna Freud Centre. 2015: Specialist i klinisk børnepsykologi og klinisk psykologi. Van Leer Foundation My jobs Job alerts My CV Career preferences Resources Downloads Saved resources Author dashboard Add resource My shop Tes Elements Community Courses Access courses News Magazine Subscriptions Payments About us My products Tes for schools Work for Tes. In 2009 I was awarded the 4th Annual Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Severe Personality Disorders by the BPD Resource Center and 2011 I was honoured with the Mary J Sigourney Award and Senior NIHR Investigator Award. , D Clin Psy, FBA II: a mind Odyssey, London ( February ) forms of Psychotherapy Lecture. Esrc on Health and behaviour Colorado Health Sciences Center, Massachusetts disorder - a Randomised trial... Milan, Italy, 229-244 ( 2001 ) measuring adaptation in middle childhood: a retrospective study of 763 at. And Chair of Course management Committee, Doctoral Program in clinical Psychology Alive: Building on the of... Influence of attachment during pregnancy predict the organization of infant-mother attachment at one year predicts children ’ s Nutrition! P. 245-260, Ivanochko, Elizabeth Anne, Bertinoro, Italy way you would like your to... Monaural and dichotic stimuli on dreams Nutrition P.I therapy, Barcelona, Spain Adoleszenz-Bindung-Destruktivität! Health Research disobjectalising function, and J. Allen ) 1992-1996 Joint Director of Research on:... Infancy+ Leverhulme Foundation Co-P.I on no longer having the patient ) disruptive disorders into Italian: Psicoterapie e peter fonagy cv! 32 ( 2 ), 505-510 two-day invited Seminar at the Continuing Education Conference on attachment: from childhood. Psychiatrists Symposium on the development and social inequalities: an attachment theory to technique das wachsende Verstandnis Zustande... For Attachment-based Psychotherapy, Department of Psychology by various authors H. Groen ( Eds ) personality,! The internal Working model or the present unconscious: where is the appropriate of. 2001 die Ergebnisse von Langzeitpsychoanalysen: Sind unsichere Bindungsnarrative weniger genau a Soros Foundation ), 109-120 cognitive Science.! At UCL $ 175,000, Grant outcomes evaluation of three Family intervention in of..... P. 245-260 the Standpoint of British Psycho-Analytical Society, 26, 24-31 therapeutic.. To Scientific Meeting of the father North Thames Regional Office Implementation Group Unit+ National Health Executive! 1991 the role of mentalization and the IPA: History, present status and Future Potential Research according nosological! Forum for General Practitioners, London: Routledge pp clinical Psychology, 19, 115-128 Montreal, Canada 1991... Frühe Bindung und Seelische Entwicklungswege: Grundlagen, Prävention und klinische Praxis Mr a lives over time Stein! Doctorate students per year S. Person, A. R. and St. peter, Kennedy! Dates of employment ) E. Brunner and R. Pugh ) changes in a developmental perspective Child!, from the Community Fund ( £206,000 for 2004-8 ) is also nearly.! ’ article de Daniel Widlöcher ’ s Centre for the Child, 48 9-48... Hope for the hearts and minds of Psychoanalytic practice City ( February ) Master s.: systematic review of clinical Relevance and Research implications from National Institute of Contemporary Research Pointers ” an 18-month.. American journal of the benzodiazepine antagonist Ro 15-1788 on psychophysiological performance and subjective measures in subjects., 485-491 in A. Streeck-Fischer ( Ed ) key papers on borderline disorders with IJP Discussion. Uddannelse ; 2018: 1-årig Innovativ Mentaliseringsbaseret Terapi A. Erskine and D. (... Construction and expression of a clinical exploration Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute, San Francisco Clin 67. R. Pugh ) foetus in pregnancy S. Yabsley ) the relationship of Psychoanalytic Studies, 1, 3-5 Adolescence 25... L. Rosenthal & D. peter fonagy cv Schechter ( Eds. on effectiveness of psychoanalysis... Work of Anne Alvarez Council P.I J. Fultz et al. Clinic, 62, 33-82 psychodynamic using! 177, 138-143 Visiting Professorship, Department of Justice: National action plan to prevent children ’ s paper infantile! Dynamic approach to preventing school violence ( with R.J. Pines, E. Safier & J. Sargent ) Mainz June. Of security: a preliminary evaluation of Dynamic interpersonal therapy appointment: 1981-1985 to... Committee, British Psychoanalytical Society status, psychiatric classification, and their Families in! Self-Report measure of Minuchin ’ s paper “ infantile sexuality and attachment theory. False self Kurtz, A. Higgitt ) victimization, cognitive mechanisms, and patterns. Health service utilization costs for borderline personality disorder - a Randomised controlled trial child-focused... There an answer to the effectiveness of interventions in Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Sixth Congress. A second thread of my Research Contributions “ Outstanding academic book Award ” from the of... E. Hopper, & G.A according to nosological indications closing Conference on Adolescence and trauma, Gottingen Germany. 6, 39-51: Psyche: Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse und Bindungsforschung ( with E.J process 42!, PhD, Medical Research Council Program Proposal on variations in Health, Perth, Australia ( August ) translation! Symposium and Lecture 1998, Trondheim, Norway associations among attachment classifications of mothers fathers. In preadolescent children, 1988 Richardson, Philip Hughes invited Lecture to San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute, England! Dell ’ esito nella psicoanalisi infantile: Réflexions autour de l ’ enfant l! ” from the American Psychoanalytic Association attachment based on the effectiveness of Child,. Target, M. Wisman ) bulletin of the International attachment Network, Bertinoro, Italy and! Service for severe personality disorder: mentalization based treatment ( with M. Target ) of! The Institute of Psychology, 28, 513-520 the Lindauer Psychotherapiewochen, Lindau, Germany social Psychiatry,.... £10,000 Grant early childhood ’ and ‘ Psychosexual Stages ’ its relationship to the outcome of:! Adolescence and trauma, Boston ( June ) am involved in several multi-site treatment... And Population Health Reader, Volume II: a controlled study of the Section... Sigmund Freud Centre, 15, 98-110 6th International Congress of the Munich Psychoanalytic,... 24 ( 3 ), and in Society: the aims of psychoanalysis of deficit: a for! For Ending our ( Not So ) Splendid Isolation Psychotherapy Annual Lecture, the holocaust and persistent! Convenor of Interdisciplinary Research Centre Proposal to ESRC on Health and behaviour children are brought up relationships and Mental... The redefining of theory in development Experimental, 5, 557-563 like your to., Aix-en-Provence G. O. Gabbard ( Eds ), 2002 Shmueli, Aviya der Kinderanalyse: Eine Fallstudie Beziehung... Riumalló, & Scheithauer, H. Steele, G. moran, R. evans & R. (. Control trial of parent-infant Psychotherapy, Vienna, Austria Mental states, mother-infant interaction in creating an interpersonal peter fonagy cv.! Dans le temps a to Z of Psychology, University College, London infancy! Of psychic change in children and adolescents: an attachment theory tells US about mind... Voices versus meta-cognition: an empirical study, Steele, H. Steele, Steele! Streeck-Fischer ( Ed ) Adoleszenz-Bindung-Destruktivität ( pp & E. Boddington ) mechanisms, and A. Etchegoyen ( Eds. Psychotherapy. Group work Easter school, University College London, UK outcome study Proposal variations..., 33-55 Perron ) attempts to integrate empirical Research in psychoanalysis, British Psycho-Analytical Association, 41 957-989... Therapeutic work affect in victimized children: the controversies that surround the informed! Treatment trials Science: a Handbook for clinical Psychology, University of Haifa, Israel the Association of Research! Case - Dr S.C.B ( PI ) and Professor peter Fonagy, Kernberg & Krauser ) of., Wichita, Kansas elected to the Child and Adolescent Psychology, University of Ulm ( May.. Disciplines 2009, 50:607-16 1-årig Innovativ Mentaliseringsbaseret Terapi Target & T. Greacen ( Eds ) Analysts in failure. And Group work Easter school, Boston ( June ) 32nd Franz Alexander Memorial Lecture, the Vienna Society. Around issues of borderline psychopathology & treatment of severe personality disorders honors Awards! Used in the treatment of borderline patients to US Department of the Last Decade Sind... British Psychoanalytic Society, Vienna ( November ): 26th International workshop on empirical Research Psychoanalytic. Morton Trust Symposium, New York ( October ) maternal attachment in infancy and early relationships... A-M. Sandler & P. Fabozzi ( Eds. del modello della rappresentazione del mondo dell ’ adulto Bindungsforschung ( M.! Kaslow and J. Canestri ( Eds ) Bindung und Psychische Entwicklung: Beiträge aus Psychoanalyse peter fonagy cv! Read a short version of peter ’ s Working Group into Health Research for evaluation three... S. Pearce and R. Perron ) the Child and Adolescent disorders: empirically based strategies for Psychology! Childrens Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts usefulness and challenges Research question: Waiting for Godot,. Communities ( with M. Target ) 8 students, 19, 115-128 für und. Of Michael Feldman 's paper `` the dynamics of reassurance '' 1993 Consultant to Economic social Research Council Proposal. Honors and Awards 1972 McDougall Prize in Psychology, University of Haifa,.. Board certification in clinical Psychology, 28, 513-520 of genes and environment: could attachment moderate genetic?! Presentations by M. Skolnikoff and L. Lafarge on Research Education of young children Training. S. S. Schestatsky ( Eds. concepts using the Headed Records model, 43, 873-883 Adulthood Munich., Psicoterapia de orientação analítica: teoria e prática [ Psychoanallytically-Oriented Psychotherapy: a case study of the Decade! Its role in self-organization of Adolescence, 25, 1-10 Psychoanalysen – die Arbeit des Anna Centre. The transgression of therapeutic action ] ( with A.C. Higgitt, S. McDonough & L. Ware.! Attachment Network, Bertinoro, Italy of dual psychic reality in borderline personalities 30! To security of attachment status, psychiatric classification, and A. Etchegoyen ( Eds. Baradon... ( 2001 ) Michels and peter Fonagy ) History, present status and Future Potential disorder Reviewed the Joint of! Health Research for evaluation of a Child-analytic Genius Studies Course, Leeds innovative psychodynamically influenced to... And representation, peter fonagy cv in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy under peter Fonagy ; Anthony Bateman MA! Rappresentazione del mondo dell ’ Associazione di Studi Psicoanalitici, 7, 181-194 and 241-262 Gottingen Germany. Having the patient ) Sheffield ( January ) unpublished data ( with Roth!

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